Want to Grow Your Direct Sales Business?
How do some reps in your company sign up so many new people and sell so much product?
Here’s their secret – they’re growing their business ONLINE.  Forget what the old guard tells you about how this business is “supposed” to work and start blowing them away with your recruiting and sales numbers!  Read on to find out how to get the benefits of having your business found online without having to know anything about building websites, internet marketing, or SEO.

“THANK YOU for the lead!  I was able to reach the person inquiring, supply her with the tools to order the products needed … and I now have a new monthly customer, YAY!  Thanks again!”
Customer Testimonial from Chandra V.
  • Have people calling you for a change and almost begging you to help them buy your products
  • Get found by quality prospects online without becoming a computer genius or social media diva
  • Grow your business without constantly having home parties
  • Sign up new reps from the comfort of your own home
  • Get “Bonus Leads” sent to your inbox

FindSalesRep.com is an easy way to kickstart your online growth, or increase your existing online business.

FindSalesRep.com was founded BY direct sales reps FOR direct sales reps.  We understand your business and we’ve done the hard work for you. When you have a FindSalesRep.com Listing, we are your business partners. We are your IT Department and it’s our job to get you found on the internet – because that’s where people are looking. In just a few weeks, you could be sitting on top of the search engines for local, city-wide, statewide or even National search terms related to your company.
Here are just some of the things we so so that you don’t have to:
  • Get targeted traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, etc.
  • Tweet your listing so that it can be found quickly by people and search engines
  • Set up an email contact form so leads can get in touch with you
  • Link to your personal or replicated website to help you get more traffic
  • Attract quality, REAL TIME LEADS

Incredible Income and Lifestyle Opportunities Are Available Through Your Company, But You’ve Got To Build YOUR BUSINESS!

“Just wanted to let you know that I just talked to the lead you sent me, and have already submitted her order. She was actually going to order this stuff from someone on amazon, so I am very thankful that she went through FindSalesRep.com to find me instead. Thanks again for all you do!”
Customer Testimonial from Lori H., Mary Kay
Pro Tip – Even if you’re already an online superstar, a FindSalesRep.com Listing can help boost traffic to your existing site through direct referrals and increased link juice – we provide a direct link to your site which Google loves!
“I just wanted to let you know that I got orders off of both of those leads you sent me! I’m so excited! Thanks so much!!”
Customer Testimonial from P.K.
FindSalesRep.com is UNLIKE any lead generation opportunity.  When you get a lead it’s fresh! These are real people that came looking for exactly what you have! With FindSalesRep.com leads there is:
  • No Qualifying
  • No “Sorry, someone already got back to me.”
  • No “ I have no interest in this.”
  • No Cold Calling
So what should you expect?
  • An effective marketing system that helps people looking for your products and business opportunity find you.
  • To take a call or return a message from someone who wants what you have.
  • You might even get ‘bonus leads’ from around the country while you’re sleeping!
Your Company offers amazing products and a lucrative opportunities that people are interested in, Right!  FindSalesRep.com puts you right where they’re looking!
Why the Internet?
Network Marketing is definitely a word of mouth business. Where one person shares their positive experience with another.  You are encouraged to share with as many people as possible and that’s how your business will grow. The beauty of network marketing is that is allows YOU to connect with people and share the products and opportunity that are rewarding to you – no experienced required!
Everyone can succeed in Network Marketing!  But the truth is that most people don’t.  Why?
They run out of people to share with. The Internet changes that – It broadens your influence.
Think about it… Where do you go when you hear about something new and you want more information or you want to buy it?  You go to the internet!  You ‘research’ and then you look for where you can get it for the lowest price.
You are looking for “WHAT” and “WHERE”!
With a FindSalesRep Listing, you get found for What? Your Company and Where? Your Town, City, State or even Nationally!
The FindSalesRep.com Story
The founders of FindSalesRep.com have been in the Network Marketing Industry for more than 10 Years.  We know what it takes to build a successful business and we know how hard you work.
We have seen how people fail in Network Marketing and how others rise to the top of their companies.  One thing those that are successful all have in common – They are great at lead generation or they have someone do it for them.  That’s what we do best!
We are always working for you! We want you to succeed. 
The FindSalesRep.com Team is committed to your success!  Are you?
We want you to work from home, take holidays when you like and if you want to take time off to visit the family and still have leads finding you. We never want you to go back to a ‘real job’ again!
How does FindSalesRep work?
If you go to the internet and pretend you are a “Prospect“, search for Your Companies Name and your town, city or state. In the top results you will probably find www.FindSalesRep.com.  Here’s an example

That’s good for business! And if you have a listing, that’s how You’ll Get Found!

“FindSalesRep.com You Rock!  Finally returned all emails from people looking for Amway reps or who were needing help finding the right GREEN & CLEAN product for them.”
Customer Testimonial from Christine K.
Leads who already know about FindSalesRep.com can search right on our site with our search box.  People can choose a Company, then a State and enter a City and they’re taken to our FindSalesRep.com page for that city. Here’s what the search box looks like:

“Thank you for the lead I received as a result of my statewide listing. I contacted the customer and it turned into a $45 sale!”
Testimonial From A FindSalesRep.com Featured Statewide Listing Customer
What do You Get with a FindSalesRep.com Listing?
  • Your own profile page
  • A link to your website
  • Your own instant email contact form
  • A tweet announcing your new listing

Here’s an example Profile Page

Profile Page Example – Click for a Larger View and to Learn More

In addition, Featured Citywide, Statewide and Nationwide listings get

  • Enlarged, Attention-Getting Listing
  • Your Photo Shown in Your Listing (Optional)
  • Your Listing is Shown Prominently Above Non-Featured Rep Listings
  • Bonus Nationwide FindSalesRep.com Leads**
Each featured listing level is shown to progressively more potential leads.  Here’s a bit more info on each of the Featured Citywide, Statewide and Nationwide Listings.
Featured Citywide Listing
  • Be Featured on Our Page for Your “Parent” Company in Your City
  • Get Found in Your City
  • Be eligible for Bonus Leads near Your City and in your State

Featured Citywide Listing Example – Click to Enlarge for More Information

Featured Statewide Listing
  • Be Featured on Our Page for Your Parent Company in Every City in Your State and on the Main State Page!
  • Get Found in Your City and EVERY CITY IN YOUR STATE.
  • Be eligible for Bonus Leads in Your State and Some NATIONWIDE Bonus Leads

Featured Statewide Listing Example – Click to Enlarge for More Information

Featured Nationwide Listing
  • Be Featured on Our Page for Your Parent Company in Every City in Every State and on Every Main State Page!
  • Get Found in Every City in Every State Nationwide.
  • Be eligible for Bonus Leads NATIONWIDE
  • Featured Nationwide Listings are MOST LIKELY to receive Bonus Leads

Featured Nationwide Listing Example – Click to Enlarge for More Information

What does a FindSalesRep.com Listing Cost?
Here’s our Pricing
  • Annual Featured Citywide Listing  $59.88
  • Annual Featured Statewide Listing $299.88
  • Annual Featured Nationwide Listing $599.88
For a Limited Time We’re Offering You a Deep Discount!
  • 25% OFF an Annual Featured Citywide Listing. Final Cost $44.91! [COUPON CODE SAVE25]
  • 25% OFF an Annual Featured Statewide Listing. Final Cost $224.91! [COUPON CODE SAVE25]
  • 25% OFF an Annual Featured Nationwide Listing. Final Cost $449.91! [COUPON CODE SAVE25]
* Please note that all discounts are valid for new listings only, and may expire at any time.
“I wanted to share my success story with you..in the week since I have joined FindSalesRep.com, I have gotten two leads and two orders! Thanks SO much for helping consultants like me grow our businesses!!  -”
Customer Testimonial from Paula K.
$44.91 Featured Citywide Listing (After 25% Off with Coupon SAVE25)
$224.91 Featured Statewide Listing (After 25% Off with Coupon SAVE25)

$449.91 Featured Nationwide Listing (After 25% Off With Coupon SAVE25)
Note that all all discounts listed on this page are valid for new listings only, and may expire at any time. Some discounts may not be valid for some companies in some areas.
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