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Testimonials from FindSalesRep Customers


Linda Holobovich

Featured Nationwide Listing

I received a lead from someone who was a former distributor. He signed up again THAT DAY and ordered over $1200 worth of products! LOVE!
Another Testimonial from Linda: got a lead from someone who wanted to get healthier and find out more about the products. After a nice conversation, he got started and bought $500 worth of products.


Aubrey B.

A FindSalesRep Customer

So when I first found out about you guys, I thought it was an amazing idea, however I was a little weary about paying for a listing. A little while ago I won a contest for a free listing. It has been AMAZING! When it is time to renew, I WILL be paying!!! Since being listed, I've gotten several orders, booked a party and last night I just SIGNED A RECRUIT!!!! Findsalesrep Get Found is an amazing concept. Thank you for all you do!


Lisa Edwards

Featured Nationwide Listing

Testimonial #1: FindSalesRep has helped people from around the county to find me as their Youngevity distributor. But it's also curious that I believe my listing through FindSalesRep has also helped to increase my placement organically in a Google search.

Testimonial #2: Hey Findsalesrep, If you don't here it often are the bestest , most super-dupper:),greatest ever lead generator there is. I get found almost daily by people looking for what I have to offer. 


Shaana Rhoads, Advocare All Stars

A FindSalesRep Customer

Thank you FSR! This lead joined my team today as well as bought product! You Rock!


Sandra Jacobs

Featured Nationwide Listing customer and a FindSalesRep Consultant*

I truly love FindSalesRep :-) finally a program that actually works, best investment I have made in my business. I get leads constantly where customers have become my loyal customers and some have turned into representatives.. There is no other way to advertise your business FindSalesRep ..don't delay give this company a try - best investment you will make.


Lisa Lernatowicz

Featured Citywide Listing

I have been with for a while now and I really do love it! I have actually gotten quite a few phone calls from ladies that have seen my ad and called me to place an order. Definitely worth the money!!


Patti N.

A FindSalesRep Customer

You guys are amazing your leads led me to a local lady who booked a january show! THANKS THANKS THANKS


Joann Delcorso

Featured Nationwide Listing customer and a FindSalesRep Consultant*

You did it, again, I am having the best birthday week, I got a new customer, you are priceless!!


Wendy Leal

Featured Nationwide Listing customer and a FindSalesRep Consultant*

I LOVE the leads I am getting for my Tupperware Sales & Service - Wendy Leal - Director Business! So many people are looking for Tupperware and I am thrilled that I am able to connect with them and serve them!


Patty Zasloff

Featured Nationwide Listing customer and a FindSalesRep Consultant*

Thank you so much for this lead! I have a new customer and she already placed her first order!! Love the exposure I'm getting which is about 3-5 new leads each week - keep up the great work and I will highly recommend you!! :D


Sherise F.

A FindSalesRep Customer

One of the leads that I received from you yesterday is about to lead to a minim $500 order!!! The woman is doing a basket bingo for charity and needs over $500 in baskets (Longaberger)!! She tried contacting reps in her area but nobody ever returned her phone calls!! THEIR LOSS!  Thank you so much for this service.


Nikki R. Royal

A FindSalesRep Customer and FindSalesRep Consultant*

One of the leads that I received from you yesterday is about to lead to a minim $500 order!!! The woman is doing a basket bingo for charity and needs over $500 in baskets (Longaberger)!! She tried contacting reps in her area but nobody ever returned her phone calls!! THEIR LOSS!  Thank you so much for this service.

Connect With Real People Looking for Your Products and Opportunity

People find our pages every day in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.  When you get listed with us, they’ll find you too.

Our History and Commitment to You was founded BY direct sales reps FOR direct sales reps.  We understand your business and we’ve done the hard work for you. When you have a Listing, we are your business partners. We are your IT Department and it’s our job to get you found on the internet – because that’s where people are looking. In just a few weeks, you could be sitting on top of the search engines for local, city-wide, statewide or even National search terms related to your company.

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We’ve helped thousands of reps get found and grow their businesses.  We look forward to helping you.

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